Sub70 Designer Golf Clothing

Sub70 Golf Clothing was founded quite some time back. In 2004 to be exact. We had a clear and absolute vision of what we wanted the brand to become. At the time of our launch, Golf fashion was pretty drab and boring with an outdated fit. We wanted to bring something unique & individual to the table. Something that would let our customers really express their own personality. The time was right to add style & a dash of colour to the fairways. It was time for us to step up & take control.

The vision that we had when Sub70 was born is still well and truly alive and kicking today. The brand has successfully established itself as one of the major players in the modern golf movement. We have continued to step forward with our designs and our level of quality year on year. This complete dedication has been the same from the get go. To create a stylish and trendy range of golf clothes for the fashion forward golfer of today.

The look is one thing but we wanted to make sure we were offering our customers the complete package. What golf clothing you wear is almost as important as what golf equipment you use. Our fabrics are at the forefront of technology. You’ll not only look good in Sub70 attire, you’ll have the benefits of wearing performance clothing that works with you.

Sub70 is a designer Golf Clothing brand aimed at the seriously trendy golfer. Our reputation is built on quality performance golf wear.

Sub70 is successfully trading as a fully incorporated limited company.